The RLN4008B Parts List
Reference Symbol
CAPACITOR C1, C3, C4  10uF 25V
  C2  1uF 50V
  C5  220pF
DIODE CR1, CR2, CR7 thru CR10 1N4001
  CR3 thru CR6 Zener  7.5V , 1/2W
  DS1 LED  red , low current
JACK J1 Receptacle  Power
  P2 25 Position  Male "D"
  P4 15 Position  Male "D"
TRANSISTOR Q1 thru Q3, Q5, Q7 NPN   2N3904
  Q4, Q6 PNP   2N3906
RESISTOR R1, R3, R4, R7, R9, R10, 4k7   1/4W
  R12, R13, R15, R16, R17 4k7   1/4W
  R2, R8 20k   1/4W
  R5 3k     1/4W
  R6 1k5   1/4W
  R11, R14 2k     1/4W
  R18 3k9   1/4W
IC U001 78L05 Voltage Reg.
  U002 ICL7660 Inverter
  U003 CA3140E 
OTHER BT1 Battery   9V
HARDWARE PCB Mounting  7 mm Round Spacer  4 pcs
  Screw , PCB to Spacer M3 x 4       4 pcs
  Screw , Chassis to Spacer M3 x 6       4 pcs
  Plastic Chassis  W75 x L103 ( min. inside dim.)

A modification you may be interested in for the RIB. There have been reports of problems using the RIB on different computers. It looks like one of the problems might be a lack of negative voltage swing on the Busy out and RX (data out) lines back to the computer. You might want to try and change the value of R14 to 1.5k and R11 to 1K. 

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Final Release  

The PCB size is 75 mm x 103 mm.  Single sided , which is suitable for homebrew.

On board 9 volt battery compartment and DC Power Jack are provided. 

The RIB card is used to connect up most later model Motorola Radios to the PC for programming.

The Connection from the PC's COM port  uses a  DB9 / DB25  Connector to DB15 on RIB card.

The output from the card can go to any standard  motorola  DB25 Cable  that support this interface connector.



Download the file in bmp format

If you want to built the RIB with this PCB , take your own risk . 



Updated : March 03, 2004