On preparing the Impression of Huangshan I re-examined the preface of my publication  of Autumn 1962. Though 18 years have sine passed my aim is still the same. I find it is necessary to re-iterate again to make part of this preface.
" More work, more mistakes; more mistakes, more work " is my ever - observed motto in my work of photography.
It is general speaking : " No talent, no arts . " But I am an ordinary man who has been practising photography for some thirty years . I rely on no talent ,   but my own experience to carry on my work.
On my first stage of photography, I care nothing of arts, just snapping    for  fun;
and because of fun , I unconsciously love photography , and definitely took it as my life career.
In 1941, I became a professional photographer and paid special attention to portraiture, and it kept me long in further study; though not very successful, yet with my bitter experience , I value my products as the sweat - sodden farmer value his.
Later on , I began to ask myself of my own style of photography , and soon realized that it is a sort of description of reality. The highest attainment of art is , I presume , no more than the trinity of reality , perfection, and beauty.       The absence of any of them would result in the imperfection of art. The art of photographing is to achieve reality , and the art of arrangement and finishing   is to achieve perfection and beauty ; and to the latter ,  I give no less effort    than to the former.
Besides, I have come to know that I should have one obligation to undertake.   I am a Chinese , and my work should be done for the glory of our people. It is my unavoidable duty to present our people's virtues and our sceneries to the whole world. The publication of this book is intended partly to fulfil this aim, and partly to induce public criticism on my works, which I will sincerely accept as valuable advice for improving myself in photography.
I spend most of if not all of my time in my work . I seldom talk and write.
Writing has become a very difficult task for me . However , the time I am
extremely fortunate in getting a close and knowledgeable friend , Mr. Tam
Wing Yet to compile this book for me . He knows what I want and is fully
familiar with the various aspect of photographic art . Mr. Spencer Yee has
kindly translated most of the pieces here to make them bilingual . Also friends who visited Huangshan with me last year , like Messrs. Tchan Fou-li , Kan Hing Fook ,  Wu Ki Hou , Leo K.K. Wong and Chan Chik and friends in Mainland China like Messre. Huang Cheung and Chan Mou Chuen have graced this book by expressing their ideas and ways of taking pictures of Huangshan and other relevant information . Their contribution makes this book more complete . I take this opportunity to express my heart - felt thanks.
Soman Lo      January 1980           

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