by S. F. DAN

This section comprises of portraits on one hand and mountain sceneries on the other . As the saying goes, the drawing of character is important in portraiture while "impact" is essential to mountain sketches.

Though we may classify both  Nos. 20  and  21 as "low key" prints, the treatment of these two pictures is entirely different. "Different character, different treatment" is Mr. Lo's motto in portraiture.  If  No.22  is like a carbon drawing,  Nos. 23  and  24  may be compared to candid snapshots. In the latter, the happy mood of the toothless girl is captured at the "decisive moment", if we may refer to Henri-Cartier Bresson here. Mr. K. C. Ho is a famous local journalist. The author happens to capture the very moment while Mr. Ho is in deep thinking.

While high angle lighting is used to emphasize "baldness" in  No.30 , a dark mass in the left hand corner of  No.33  indeed shows original concept of the author. It is interesting  to find low angle lighting in  No.37 , which may well illustrate the fact that Mr. Lo different treatments for different characters.

Shatin  is the most famous spot in Hong Kong where thousands of photographers gather on Sundays to photograph misty morning and sampans. Mr. Lo had taken this picture as early as 1951  when the city was not yet developed and roads and highways were not yet constructed. Nowadays, Shatin has become a tourist spot or "satellite city" where some of its natural beauty has been destroyed.  No.40  is a typical "Hong Kong Scene" if you look at the wooden huts built up the mountains like terraces. While you praise the beauty of the picture could you imagine the poor living conditions of these refugees?

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