by S. F. DAN

In spite of the fact that "Photo-journalism" is so popular nowadays, Mr. Lo still takes a careful attitude towards this "infidel". He maintains that print quality, composition and lighting must be counted even the author is merely taking "record" photographs. In his opinion, an artistic picture is different from a "press photograph". For example, he is concerned with expression (of the lonely child) in  No.47  as much as in  No.50. "Too old to return home".

The market always proves to be a popular place for taking journalistic snapshots. Mr. Lo is clever in using a high view point in  No.48  and a close-up in  No.49 , while Nos. 52  and  53  were taken in villages near Shatin.

Comparatively speaking, Mr. Lo is much more fond of nature than many other local photographers. If lotus pond ( Nos. 54 and  55 ) is not sufficient to show "nature", Nos. 56 , 57 , 58 , 59  are good examples to show his love for it.

While foreign salon photographers take a special interest in photographing their monks or nuns, Mr. Lo also captures in  No.60  an interesting back view of two Chinese nuns.  Nos. 61 , 62 , 63  would arouse your sympathy towards the unprivileged.

As these pictures are selected and grouped under "Street Scene" Section, they do not necessarily form any order, but merely show us people of some walks of life in Hong Kong.

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