by S. F. DAN

Recently, photographers are very fond of using solarization which was actually practised more than thirty years ago. Mr. Lo thinks that these so called "new experiments "should not be used unless necessary. In  No.66 , the author succeeds in bringing out the beauty of Chinese curios by semi-solarization. This is an example of what I mean by the right use of "new experiments".
No.67  is a successful composition. The title "Speechless Mouths" also suggests humour in the sense that the two jars are personified. The repetition of large and small circles gives rhythm to the whole print. Both Nos. 71 and  72 are outdoor "Still Life". They are fresh to us because the choice of subjects is rather uncommon. The lens used in taking  No.73 deserves special mention here. A  205 mm. long focus lens was used so that the background was completely out of focus. Diagonal composition is used in  No. 74  to show the strength and ruggedness of the pine. Shades of mountains in the background convey a sense of depth to the whole print. Some may doubt whether No.75 could be called a good picture. The author's intention is to show us depth and perspective.  No.76  resembles No.73  in the sense that both pictures show distinctly clear texture of the barks. While these two pictures are composed of straight lines,  No.78  and  79  express rhythm in nature. For those who like lakeside, seashore, rivers or streams,  No.80  would seem to be your dreamland. You may also like lilies or lotus in the ponds, as suggested by  No.82 . The delicate tones of the leaves deserve special mention here. The same effect can also be found in "Good Fruit" ( No.86 ) . The "N" composition is quite powerful. It seems to me that Mr. Lo's pictures not only depict "truth", capture "beauty" and reach "perfection", but also impress us with the philosophy of a hermit's life.

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